Leaving the drowsy Komiza city in the morning yachts go round Komiza Island’s west point and after that bound northeast again. In the channel between Palmizana and Komiza Islands the blessed sailors can be seen by dozens. There are several little bays along the rocky south shore so locating the right one is difficult. Drop anchor in the bay (13 nm) and take a line to the coast. If you’re in time set foot on shore and walk in the canyon up to the Blaca hermitage. This really is lying high on the hill-side and encaves a fascinating astronomical museum and elementary school of the early inhabitants. This museum is about 2,5 kms from the bay and abt is required by you. Don’t forget the museum closes at 5 p.m.
Spend this peaceful night in the bay under the stars that are glowing. And came back to our yacht which we chartered few days ago.

One of the finest tourist spot in the world

Everyone wants to spend their holidays happily and also interestingly. Going to different places will always give a different feeling and it is the most preferred option for the people to spend their holidays. In the same way, we too planned a trip to visit a different place which we have never been to. By surfing on the internet, we found many interesting places but Croatia is the one place that attracted us very much. We started to explore many things about Croatia and it was quite impressive. Therefore we decided to go Croatia which is in the Eastern European country.

Yacht rent in Croatia has extended coastlines on the sea named Adriatic. Another exciting factor in the location is it includes more than thousands of small islands. We reached the place in an evening and we were supposed to take rest since we travelled a very long distance. In the next day morning, we planned everything and started our trip.

Croatia yacht rent