Catamarans in Croatia


It is a very famous tourist destination of the Croatia. This destination is surrounded with lot of resorts, which are comfortable to stay. In this region most of the people speak the Croatia (Croatian) but the foreigners can speak with them in English or other global languages.



We have travelled using the catamaran in some of the spots of Skradin. We have visited this place on our fourth day of travel and it is a very small town of Croatia. It has two main attractions such as Waterfalls & the Skradinki Buk. We have enjoyed a nice trip in Croatia – read more


Our tour pack has included with the Zlarin. We got the chance to visit some unique Cypress Tress, Figs and Natural Plants in that city. It is a best place to explore lot of natural things and the natives of this destination are served us with full care and respect.


Sesula – Split

The Bay of Sesula is the best spot that every tourist needs to visit in Croatia. After enjoying lot of places we have moved to the Split on seventh day of our trip and it was our pleasure to enjoy this trip.